Email me. DM me. If you’ve got my number, text me. 

What’s the illustration for? Do you want an illustration for your blog, music album cove, course book, as an art piece on the wall an event poster or anything else that needs to be supported by an illustration. Feel free to include reference pictures of your idea, the text the illustration will support or the theme of your event. Colour palettes, inspirational pictures of the look and feel are also very welcome.


The commission process can be as open or detailed as you would like. Some clients come to me with a size or colour preference and then leave the rest of it up to me, while others have a specific idea in mind.


Once I receive your email, we can begin the process of bringing your illustration idea onto a mood board and the sketch onto the paper. The illustration can be made in black and white or colour.


We will discuss your budget of the illustration size, if it will be a digital file, or an original illustration and colour palette.

I am happy to prepare a digital mock-up of the concept if requested. 


I currently use an invoice that can be transferred by bank. If this is’t an option for you, you can use Paypal, we can always work it out. 


Clients are asked to pay 50% of the illustration price down to secure the commission spot. I also offer the option of paying in monthly instalments via bank or PayPal. 

As a guide for commission pricing, my 2024 rate starts at €175,- per illustrated subject on a 20 x 20 cm paper, for personal use only.

For commercial projects, my rate will be different. Please contact me for options.


This is the part where you don’t hear from me for 1-2 weeks or the personally discussed time, but don’t worry. I’ll be prepping, illustrating & detailing your best artwork.


Once your painting is finished, I’ll reach out and send over the final invoice (including shipping fees). When the payment goes through, your custom illustration will be sent out for delivery. I’ll add the tracking info to your invoice so that you know exactly when the painting will arrive. In case of a digital file, I will transfer the file you need, this can be .PDF, .PNG, .JPG or any other file preference.


PS. You’re going to love it.