Art direction


Email me. DM me. If you’ve got my number, text me. 

What is your idea? Do you need an art director for your (re)branding of your company, Album release or the styling of your film, musics video or commercial? Because I’m specialised in all from graphic design to set decoration. Send me your script or mission/vision and together we can visualise your idea.

As an art director I’m responsible for the visual style of any creative work across various industries.

My specialties are film & branding for all types of business owners. The overall look and feel of any project is my responsibility.


The process can be as open or detailed as you would like. Some clients come to me with a size or colour preference and then leave the rest of it up to me, while others have a specific idea in mind.



Once I receive your email, we can begin the process of bringing your vision onto a mood board. I will show several style ideas we can choose from to find the best look and feel for your video. If we agreed on a style & colour I will prepare a list with items that need to be bought & designed, plus the time I need.



After I made an inventory and calculated a budget, I will make an invoice for 50% of the calculated art budget. With this money I will pay the props. Be aware that my fee and the budget for the props are not the same.

My fee will be paid after the production. My daily on set fee is based on a 8-10 hour workday. If we pass the 10 hour workday I will charge 150% for every extra hour.

My daily fees during preparation are €250,= per day

On set fee is €400,= per day



We will discuss your budget and wall space to decide upon the right canvas size, colour palette, and medium for your branding. I am happy to prepare a digital mock-up of the concept if requested. 

If you want your business logo painted on your company wall, we will discuss the size, colours & pick a date to realise it.


Clients are asked to pay 50% of the painting price down to secure the commission spot. I also offer the option of paying in monthly instalments via bank or PayPal. 

As a guide for commission pricing, my 2024 rate starts at €350,-

Email me for more info about, licensing and the different branding deals I offer. I will create the best design package for you and your company.


This is the part where you don’t hear from me for 1-2 weeks or a different deadline for the first feedback moment, but don’t worry. I’ll be prepping, designing & detailing the best branding for your company. If everything is perfect, I will finish up and wrap up the whole package and send it your way.


Once your branding is finished, I’ll reach out and send over the final invoice (including shipping fees). When the payment goes through, your branding package will be transferred to you by e-mail in the file types you prefer.

If you add an wallpainting to your package, we’ll pick a date to realise this.

PS. You’re going to love it.