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Vera k?

As an all-round designer I’ve worked with many forms of art. Since I can remember art has been part of my life. I breathe art. Art is a soul expression for me, that comes from within. Growing up surrounded by animals and nature, a deep rooted soul connection was created. That is why these subjects are a recurring theme in my artworks. All that I love in one expression. Experimenting with different materials and styles, is one of my biggest joys, so I keep learning while creating.

My mission

My mission is to impact the world in a positive way with my passion for art, animals and nature. Spreading love through art is what makes my work unique


Take a dive into my journey of art making! A selection of commissioned illustrations & paintings & previous free created projects.

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Take a look in my shop filled with original limited prints and original paintings. All prints and paintings are signed, numbered.

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Take a dive into my journey of art making! A selection of commissioned illustrations & paintings & previous free created projects.

1 Animal paintings

Personalised paintings of your favourite animal or pet

2 Illustrations

Illustrations that go with your articles, courses, blogposts or books

3 Branding

Branding & rebranding for your company, event or product


“When I approached Vera, I wanted her to make a portrait of all my previous and current pets. She decided to paint, give every animal their own canvas and colour. In that way, the pets became a series but kept their individuality. In this way, I can hang them in different order on the wall, whenever I feel like change. We enjoy the paintings every day, thank you, Vera!”
A. Bunjes
“I wanted to give something special to my twins for their birthday, so I asked Vera if she could make a drawing inspired by the echo of the twins. Vera made a really special detailed variation. The art hangs on my wall above the dining table so we can enjoy it every moment of the day. Every time I see her artwork, I am super thankful she made it how I envisioned it. Working with Vera was an easy flow because she communicates very open and clear. Including me in the process and choices of colour. If I had a certain idea, she always gave her professional opinion and feedback. Thank you so much, Vera, for this wonderful experience.”
Bogata Szelle
"Vera is always a pleasure to communicate with. Radiant, available and accessible, she listens carefully and makes pertinent suggestions where necessary. The work she has delivered has been received with great joy and I very much look forward to seeing what she will present next! Should the occasion present itself in the future, I would definitely seek to work with Vera again."
Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse
“Vera is an amazing artist she's very attentive to the detail and makes sure that everything she does we love and is made perfectly! We started our collaboration with the ceramic dishes for my store, personalised by hand painting as our star ingredients. She also made the illustrations for my online course, and it's like she reads my mind! She makes mood boards so we can choose the style that I had, the colours... And everything is chosen according to our needs. Well, I could spend hours writing here, but I think you should see for yourself and choose a painting made by her.”
Filipa @koansiya
“Vera made a unique birth announcement for the birth of our son Levi. She started to work on our idea in a very professional way and the result is impressive! A beautiful flower with a sleeping bee on it and a full moon in the background matching the moment Levi was born. We have never seen such a card before. We could see Vera put a lot of love and devotion into the artwork. You can see in all the ways that Vera Loves doing what she does. The details of, for example, the wings of the bee are so beautiful. It immediately felt good. Our friends and relatives were also very positive. Thank you, Vera.”
Channa & Hans


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